Single-Ply Roofing – Denton, TX

To add an extra layer of protection for your business building, single-ply membranes are sheets of rubber or other synthetic material that are ballasted, chemically or mechanically attached to the roof. During the course of its lifetime, your roof will go through wear and tear. Therefore, you must have a go-to contractor for all of your roofing requirements. This is critical and Top Roof Contractors will provide expert services in Denton, TX. You can reach them by calling (800) 795-4029.

Advantages of Single-Ply Roofing

The track record of single-ply roofing as a high-performance roofing is well-established. Since the insulation component is not included in single-ply membrane roofing, you as a client have additional alternatives for insulating your facility’s roof. The property manager or owner has a few choices when it comes to insulation. EPS, Polyiso, and XPS are a few examples. TPO is rapidly gaining traction as a commercial roofing material. TPO, also known as “white roofs,” is typically made of a white and a highly reflective material. If you prefer another color, there are several other shades of TPO for you to choose from.

EPDM, on the other hand, is also referred to as “Black Roofs” because of the membrane’s naturally dark appearance. The outstanding weatherability and heat retention provided by this high-performance rubber composition makes it ideal for establishments located in regions with fewer “cooling days.”

Single-ply membrane roofing installation is much simpler than other roofing processes. After cleaning or removing the previous roof, the substrate is prepared for the insulation layers, which are then installed and coated with a cover board. The membrane can be attached to the cover board in three ways: mechanically secured, adhesively fastened, or ballasted.

If you compare TPO and EPDM, you’ll notice a big variation in the adhesion of the membrane seams. Thermal fusion of TPO uses hot-air guns to melt and fuse together the membranes. A seam tape is used to bind two pieces of EPDM together.

Despite the fact that your roof’s membrane comes in a variety of thicknesses and has numerous layers, when compared to other commercial flat roof systems, single-ply membrane roofing is the lightest weight option. This reduces the amount of strain on the construction of your building. Due to the single-ply membranes’ flexibility, it is appropriate with different roof designs.

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