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Protecting your business, employees, clients, and tenants is a job that every business owner takes to heart, and working with a commercial roofing contractor you can trust is paramount! To learn more about our commitment to safety, call (800) 795-4029.

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The focus of Top Roof Contractors™ is to pair building owners and property managers with contractor members that have undergone a stringent approval process. Your roof is an expensive asset, and worrying about if it’s taken care of properly requires more thought than just cost. Although budget concerns can drive your decision, safety and insurance should also be top of your list.

What We Do Differently

  • Check Licenses & InsuranceCheck Licenses & Insurance
    Top Roof Contractor members must provide proof of licensing and insurance in their local service area. This is not a one-time requirement. Our team checks to make sure that each contractor is up to date with their yearly renewals. The importance of insurance is to cover both the contractor and the business owner in the event that an unfortunate accident happens.
  • OSHA Safety SearchOSHA Safety
    OSHA has strict guidelines for contractors, including commercial and industrial roofing. Top Roof Contractor members take these safety requirements to heart. Each contractor is thoroughly screened and OSHA safety violations are checked to determine if they meet the requirements to become a member of Top Roof Contractors™. Our aim is to put your employees, tenants, and clients in excellent hands.
  • Verify Commercial ReferencesVerify Commercial References
    A great way to check the safety of your commercial roofing contractor is to reach out to previous clients. During the screening process, each contractor member must provide multiple commercial references. In addition, after each job they complete from our website, our staff follows up to ensure safety and satisfaction. You will have a safety-focused team involved when working with Top Roof Contractors™.
  • Third-Party VerificationThird-Party
    One of the added benefits of working with a Top Roof Contractor member is that they have already gone through a detailed vetting process. You are welcome to check for licenses, insurance, references, and safety records yourself, but we have already done this work. Working with a third-party verified contractor is just one extra benefit to the services you will receive.

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