Rubber Roof Repair Des Moines, Iowa

The intention of your commercial or industrial roof was to last a “lifetime,” which generally means anywhere from 20-50 years. However, in order to make your roofing investment last, you will eventually need to provide repairs and maintenance to keep it performing at its best. When that time comes, turn to the professionals at Top Roof Contractors. Our team of contractors are knowledgeable about all facets of roofing problems and are here to provide long-term solutions for you. For your rubber roof repair needs in Des Moines, Iowa, call 800-795-4029.

Most Common Rubber Roofing Issues

There are pros and cons to every type of roofing system, rubber roofing is no different. Although they are durable, rubber roofs are traditionally dark. And if they are not maintained by a professional, you can notice small problems that turn into greater headaches.

If you have a rubber roof atop your facility, some of the common problems you might see include:

  • Cracks, blisters, tears, holes, rips and punctures. These are the most common places that leaks will form. If they aren’t handled properly they can quickly cause damage to your insulation, ceiling, and structure.
  • Standing water. This is where water sits on top of your roof’s membrane for more than 48 hours after a period of rain. This can cause your roofing membrane to deteriorate.
  • Pooling water. Like standing water, pooling water is water that sits under the membrane, causing deterioration. Unlike standing water, pooling water also causes damage to your buildings framing structure.
  • Loose membrane. Caused by poor insulation, time, or failing fasteners, loose membranes can cause your roof to lift, allowing water to spread beneath the surface.
  • Over time, air may become trapped underneath the roofs surface, causing the roof to bubble.

The best way to prevent more extensive repairs is to call a Top Roof Contractor at the first signs of trouble.

Thorough Roof Repair Solutions

Our contractors would be happy to provide a free roof inspection, then solutions to get your rubber roof back on track. All contractors are thoroughly vetted, and licensed and insured. When you’re ready to work with the best team around for your rubber roof repair in Des Moines, Iowa, call 800-795-4029. We look forward to helping you.