Roof Inspection – Huntsville, AL

Most people see their doctor regularly for an annual checkup. Why? Ensure everything is working correctly and address any issues before they become more serious.

Your commercial or industrial building deserves the same level of care. A roof inspection conducted regularly is just like your annual exam. It will help ensure everything is working correctly and allow you to address any minor issues before they become large, expensive problems.

If your building is in Huntsville, Alabama, you can count on Top Roof Contractors to get that inspection done correctly. We can be reached at (800) 795-4029 and are ready to meet your needs.

Types of Roof Inspections

Most people don’t realize there are multiple types of inspections available. Though all include the same base elements, there are many times when a review becomes appropriate.

Regular/Scheduled Inspection. This is your “annual checkup.” Best conducted in either Spring or again in the Fall, the scheduled inspection primarily prepares or repairs the roof due to winter’s damaging weather.

This type of inspection offers the bonus of keeping your roofing warranties in full effect and provides a baseline that an insurance claim becomes necessary in the future.

Weather-Related Inspection. Alabama is no stranger to severe weather events. When your commercial or industrial building is the victim of heavy winds, hail, or other severe weather, it is in your interest to have an inspection conducted. Identifying any areas of damage, whether you know they exist or not, is step 1 in keeping that roofing system healthy and protective.

This type of inspection also serves as the beginning of an insurance claim situation, should the need arise. As your insurance has time limitations, the need for an immediate assessment becomes obvious.

Purchase/Sale Inspection. When considering buying a commercial or industrial property, a professional roof inspection is vital. A regular building inspector is NOT a specialist. They are like your primary care provider. For an investment the size of a roof, you want a specialist looking for any underlying issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

It is essential, regardless of the type of inspection conducted, that complete documentation, including photographs or video, is included. Another critical portion of a good roof inspection is presenting recommended solutions to any problems identified.

If your commercial or industrial building is in Huntsville, Alabama, reach out to Top Roof Contractors to arrange your roof inspection. Our phone number is (800) 795-4029, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.