Roof Coating Des Moines, Iowa

As the commercial roofing industry changes, improvements are made. One of these improvements has contractors across the nation excited. Roof coatings are the newest way to restore your roof! These coatings come with numerous benefits and superior warranties, keeping you protected for the long run. To learn more about roof coatings in Des Moines, Iowa, call our experts at 800-795-4029. We would be happy to discuss the details of your roof to find out if it qualifies for a restorative roof restoration system.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

The biggest benefit many business owners and property managers see with roof coatings is that they are just a fraction of the cost of full roof replacements. Although that in itself would be sufficient enough to convince many business owners, there is a full list of additional benefits that come along with roof coatings.  They include:

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
    • A coating over your existing roof can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This reflection can help lead to a reduction in utility costs.
    • Seeing up to a 33% cost savings annually from the reflective surface can help pay for the roof in as little as 7-years!
    • There is no expensive tear off costs or landfill fees. Since the coating is placed right over your existing roof
  • Protecting Your Facility
    • Roof coatings are seamless and provide a full, water-tight membrane over your existing roof, keeping leaks away!
    • The seamless barrier also expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, so you won’t see any cracks in the membrane!
  • Extending the Life of Your Current Roof
    • Roof coatings can extend the life of your commercial roof by up to 18 years!
    • Warranty options are available, including non-prorated options
    • Your roof can be recoated again to extend the benefits even further.

It’s Not Too Good to be True

Although all of these benefits likely sound too good to be true, we assure you they are in fact true! Roof restorations have been tested on facilities for half a century, proving that they can and will stand the test of time. To find out if your roof is eligible for a restorative roof coating in Des Moines, Iowa, call the team at Top Roof Contractors. You can reach us at 800-795-4029.