How to Select a Contractor

Selecting the best contractor for your business is not as easy as typing “roofing contractors near me” in a search bar and clicking the first blue link that happens to pop up. That contractor may be right around the block, but is that right choice for you and your business needs? Taking the time to vet contractors is a tedious task but it the best option when doing the due diligence needed for such a large asset like your commercial roof.

Choosing a contractor should be the same as hiring any other employee that works for your company. The interview process should be just a rigorous. Putting the right people in the right place to get the job done correctly the first time is the main goal. Making sure the contractor has all necessity is key yours and their success.

The key items to look for when vetting a contractor are as follows:

  • Licensing & Insurance – this is vital part of the process. Contractors should be able to provide state or local license, that includes proof of their insurance as well.
  • References – One of the best ways to see if the contractors are reputable is looking into their backgrounds and checking to see if they are on the up and up. A reliable roofing contractor will always be able to provide ample references.
  • Safety – This should always be a high priority on everyone’s list. Know that your contractor and their crew take it seriously. Making sure the team you pick stays within OSHA safety standards is very important.
  • Identity verification – Knowing who is on your roof and working for you is vital. Verifying the business owner and the lead technicians allows you to make sure that they are not criminals, are able to work in the United States, and have no additional legal matters pending.

We at Top Roof Contractors make every step of this process easy for you. When you work with a contractor that we recommend, we take all the guess work out of the equation. All of our contractors are vetted and screened to the best of our ability to provide you with no worry experience. We stand by every single one of the contractor’s workmanship, warranties, and experience. That is why they are Top Roof Contractors.