How Contractors Are Screened?

Doing due diligence is important when hiring a contractor. At Top Roof Contractors, we take this a step further and help vet service providers alongside of you! Each Top Roof Contractor member has gone through a detailed screening process to ensure that they are a good fit for their community. However, if you prefer to double check all this information, feel free to do so. The approved members are always happy to provide any information you request.

Contractor Screening Process

  • Check Licenses & InsuranceCheck Licenses & Insurance
    Each contractor is required to provide proof of insurance and licenses in the areas that they serve. Our team will check these initially, as well as follow up yearly when the renewals have expired.
  • Verify Commercial ReferencesVerify Commercial References
    Each contractor has to provide multiple commercial roofing references that we can verify. After someone is connected with them, a member of the Top Roof Contractors team will follow up to ensure satisfaction.
  • Contractor Identity VerificationContractor Identity Verification
    Top Roof Contractors verifies the identity of the business owner to ensure they are legally able to work in the United States and have no civil judgements against them. This includes checking for bankruptcy or liens.
  • OSHA Safety SearchOSHA Safety

    We take the safety of our contractors, their team members, and their clients seriously. Our team checks to make sure that there are no major OSHA violations against contractors before approving membership.

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Why Work with a Top Roof Contractor?

When you work with a contractor suggested by Top Roof Contractors, you can rest assured that you will receive service from a commercial roofing company that has been vetted by a trusted third-party.

Our relationship is with the community. The Top Roof Contractors organization provides all of these screening services so business owners and property managers throughout the country have an ally on the inside of the industry. Members must prove themselves before they are accepted. That is why they are Top Roof Contractors.

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