Flat roof replacement – Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL has a plethora of flat roofs. Consequently, our flat roof replacement and coating services are often requested by business owners. Flat roofs can be tricky to deal with, but our roofing contractors are well versed in the intricacies. No matter what the situation, we have the expertise to have roofs draining properly without any hindrances. If you are a resident of Huntsville, AL, and need more information, then contact Top Roof Contractors at 800-795-4029.

Here’s how to repair a flat roof with confidence:

The removal of old roof layers and underlayment is necessary for the proper installation of a new flat roof. To remove the old roofing materials, we use the term “roof tear off.” Tarps are placed around the property before the start of the demolition. To avoid a messy cleanup, the tarps on the roof serve as catchalls for any falling material. The old rubberoid membrane is removed by the roofers once the tarps have been set up. The original weather barrier covering the roof insulation is shown after the rubberoid membrane has been removed. In addition to the tarps, the weather barrier is raised and lowered. After that, the team will check the insulation and the roof decking for any potential issues. The installation can commence if the insulation and wood covering is free of water damage and rot. However, if we discover rot or water damage, we remove and replace the affected insulation or section of roof decking immediately.

A high-performance waterproof underlayment is used to cover the insulation and roof decking before the installation process can begin. The underlayment and insulation are next attached to the roof decking using nails or screws. After that, we’ll put a drip edge around the roof’s perimeter to keep moisture out. This layer serves as the last weatherproofing layer on top of the underlayment layer.

Torch down the outer layer of the underlayment and drip the edge as well. This membrane safeguards the entire building once it has been razed to the ground and sealed. Once all of the roofing fixtures have been installed, caulked, and flashed (or sealed), we are done. There is now no way in or out of your roof. Upon completion of the new roof installation, the crew removes any debris that may have fallen from the roof.

This is quite a complicated process but we always want our consumers to be educated and up to date. If you are a resident of Huntsville, AL, and need more information, then contact Top Roof Contractors at 800-795-4029 and let us take care of all your roofing issues.