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Searching for a commercial roofing contractor might seem like a daunting task, but when you work with Top Roof Contractors, you’ll have a team happy to help. Our organization takes time to vet and approve contractors in your local region who have earned trust and stand on TOP of their work. Are you ready to find a Top Roof Contractor near you?

Services You Can Count On

  • Leak DetectionLeak Detection
    Finding the root of a leak is paramount to your roof’s success. Water can quietly be causing issues like rotting and mold beneath the roofs surface, and can even cause a total roof failure. Top Roof Contractors have the experience required to find pesky leaks and put a stop to them.
  • RepairRepair
    Collectively, Top Roof Contractors can handle roof repairs of all sizes on all roofing substrates. It is important that you have a contractor you can trust to execute the repairs needed. Roofing issues that are not repaired in a timely manner can cause premature replacement.
  • ReplacementReplacement
    The time will come when your roof will fail, whether it be from storm damage, aging, UV damage, faulty installation or other issues. Although this can be a worrisome time, working with a professional contractor can take a stressful time and turn it into a smooth running project.
  • RestorationRestoration
    A shocking industry statistic shows that almost 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely! In fact, most of those roofing systems could have benefited from a restorative roof coating. Roof restorations can breathe new life back into your roof, without the costly tear off and materials.
  • InspectionInspection
    Did you have a storm blow through town? Perhaps you’ve noticed water stains coming through your ceiling. If so, now is the time to request an estimate. When you work with a Top Roof Contractor, they will thoroughly inspect your roof and provide a detailed report.
  • MaintenanceMaintenance
    Ongoing maintenance should be a priority for your roofing unit; after all, they are not set it and forget it assets. Industry standards suggest that your roof be inspected twice per year, usually in the spring and fall. You would be amazed how much longer well-maintained roofs last.
  • Claim AssistanceClaim Assistance
    Hail damage, wind, tornados, and heavy rains can all damage your roof! When you call your insurance, they keep their best interest in mind, not their clients. That is why we suggest having a Top Roof Contractor on your side to help you through each step of the process.

Why Work with a Top Roof Contractor?

The goal at Top Roof Contractors is to pair commercial and industrial business owners, as well as property managers, with a reliable contractor in their local area. We strive to provide business relationships that will stand the test of time. This relationship helps ensure that the property is in good hands. That is why we only provide a reference for ONE contractor in your area.

We have a rigorous approval process, so when we provide you with a contractor in your region, you can rest assured that they are qualified and experienced by our nationwide standards.

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How Our Contractors Are Screened

  • Check Licenses & InsuranceCheck Licenses & Insurance
  • Verify Commercial ReferencesVerify Commercial References
  • Contractor Identity VerificationContractor Identity Verification
  • OSHA Safety SearchOSHA Safety Search

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