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Selecting a contractor that you can trust is a complicated process. For commercial and industrial business owners, you don't always have the extra time to vet a contractor. When you work with a Top Roof Contractor, you are working with a roofing company that has been reviewed by a trusted third-party and meets the requirements to work in your local region with our seal.
Top Roof Contractors is a nationwide network! This means that as long as you are within the United States, we can help you find a contractor nearby. If there are no members in your region, we'll work with one of our contacts in the industry to find an alternative service provider.
You should expect to hear from a contractor near you within 24-hours of your first request, Monday-Friday. If you have an emergency that needs attention immediately, please call us so we can get someone to you sooner.
Our service is free to commercial and industrial business owners and property managers.
We understand the frustration that comes with many different contractors continually ringing your phone. Plus, this often leads to a situation where corners are cut in order to beat the competition on price as much as possible - only to leave you with a bigger headache down the road. Top Roof Contractors are not here to compete at your expense. They are here to provide the best service for their clients that will stand the test of time.
Collectively, Top Roof Contractors can handle anything, including repairs, replacements, restorations, inspections, maintenance and more!
There is no obligation to use the contractor that we connect with you. If you choose to utilize another contractor in your area, we do suggest that they are properly vetted to help ensure the safety of your facility and your staff.
Our contractors all go through a rigorous screening process. Our screening includes a criminal background check, civil court search, criminal state search, fraud search, and license and reference verification.
Top Roof Contractors is paid through membership fees from contractors who undergo the vetting process. These fees cover their screening costs and follow up to help ensure they continue to provide superior service to clients throughout the United States.
As soon as we're aware of the situation, our staff will investigate the inadequate service that you received. Depending on the severity of the issue, the contractors membership could be cancelled. Please note that we do not provide warranties or guarantees of any kind.
While we focus strictly on the Commercial and Industrial roofing industry, we can work with our contacts in the industry to see if there's a service provider nearby who can help.

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