Safety & Insurance

Protecting your employees that perform roofing services, as well as the business owners and their employees, is something every roofing contractor should take to heart. Do you make OSHA guidelines a priority in your business? If so, you’re the type of contractor we’d like to have join our ranks! As a Top Roof Contractor member, you are showing your community that you take the safety of your clients and team seriously. Ready to join us? Call (800) 795-4029 or fill out the form below.

Become a Top Roof Contractor

Pairing building owners and property managers with contractor members that have been independently reviewed is a key part of what we do at Top Roof Contractors™. After all, each building owner has a valuable asset that they don’t want to trust to just anyone. That’s why with our third-party verification, they can rest assured safety is taken seriously. If proper safety is a main focus of each of your projects, you’re Top Roof Contractor material and could receive tremendous benefits others aren’t able to qualify for.

How We Verify Contractor Safety

  • Check Licenses & InsuranceCheck Licenses & Insurance
    Every contractor’s insurance and licensing is verified in their local service areas. However, in order to maintain the trust of building owners throughout the country, this is not a one-time requirement. Once a year we’ll check in with your renewal for updated licenses and insurance. We want to make sure you are always the preferred choice in your local area.
  • OSHA Safety SearchOSHA Safety
    As a commercial roofing contractor, you’re already aware of the guidelines that OSHA has put into place. Each member must take these requirements seriously for each project they work on. Keeping your employees and clients safe should be your #1 goal. During the verification process, we will check OSHA violations to see if our minimum standards are met.
  • Verify Commercial ReferencesVerify Commercial References
    Building owners and property managers want to make sure they trust the roofing contractor working on their facility, which is why they reach out to references. Our staff provides third-party reference verification to make their job easier and help you stand out in the field. After you have completed a job that was submitted through us, we will follow up and share the feedback with you.
  • Third-Party VerificationThird-Party
    Your clients are busy running their facilities on a day-to-day basis. That is why they turn to Top Roof Contractors™ to provide third-party identity verification. With our thorough vetting process, members can give business owners one less thing to worry about as they gain extra confidence that their local Top Roof Contractor is the ideal choice for servicing their facility.

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