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Commercial Roofing Companies – Grand Rapids, MI

When it comes to finding a dependable commercial roofing company in your area, Top Roof Contractors can help. As an association of reputable contractors, every member is vetted and screened so that we can be confident in the recommendations we make to building owners throughout the country. We have several amazing contractors located throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area and know that anything your commercial roof might require is no match for their teams of professionals. Commercial roofing companies pop up all the time, it’s crucial to ensure you’re hiring knowledgeable experts to handle any of your roof’s needs. Know what to look for when hiring a roofing company, call Top Roof Contractors today at (800) 795 – 4029.

Key Items to Look For

When hiring a roofing company, a few key items to look for include:

  • Proper licensing and insurance
  • References
  • Identity verification
  • Safety
  • And more

At Top Roof Contractors, we screen for all of these items and more. Your commercial roof is a major investment and every member of our group is dedicated to helping you keep it protected. The contractors we work with provide full-service solutions that will help to keep your roof performing properly for the long term.

Be a Priority

When you work with any of our contractors, you’ll be a priority from the moment you call. We know how essential the role your roof plays in the protection of your building and our contractors know it’s important to get any needs handled right away. When issues are taken care of quickly, it keeps repair and service costs to a minimum. Trust your roof to professionals so that you can be worry free about your commercial roof while keeping your roofing costs down as well!

Reach Out Today

Commercial roofing companies aren’t a hard thing to come by in the Grand Rapids, MI area, but knowing you have a trustworthy team of professionals working for you is where it can get tricky. With Top Roof Contractors, we take the stress away for you and connect you with a professional roofing company in your area! Learn more about how we can help, reach out today at (800) 795 – 4029.

Single-Ply Roofing – Grand Rapids, MI

There are a ton of different types of commercial roofing systems available on the market, and that’s a good thing! Options are great to have, especially when it comes to such a major investment. Single-ply roofing systems have been around for decades and they continue to prove themselves worthy of being at the top of the list for dependable roofing systems. There are several main types and like any roof, it’s important to ensure your roof gets the specialized care it needs to last. How do you know you’re hiring a company that can handle your roofing needs appropriately? No need to worry, with Top Roof Contractors, we’ll take the stresses away for you! We connect building owners with contractors, and we do the work for you so that you can rest easy knowing you have a team of professionals working for you. Our contractors have teams of professionals that are trained in all types of roofing systems so that yours can get the care it needs to have a long life. For roofing services in Grand Rapids, MI or the surrounding areas, call Top Roof Contractors today at (800) 795 – 4029.

Rely on the Professionals

Whatever type of roof you have keeping things protected, it’s wise to make sure you have professionals getting the work done so that your investment can have a long, successful life. When you work with Top Roof Contractors to find a new roofing company to handle your roof’s needs, you can be sure they are all professionals dedicated to helping their customers get the most from their roofs. Know who’s working on your roof, call Top Roof Contractors today to get a vetted professional you can count on!

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When it comes to professional roofing companies, you want to hire one that can get your roof the specific care it requires. At Top Roof Contractors, we work with professional contractors that bring the skills, knowledge, and resources to every job they work on and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to bring building owners and contractors together. From single-ply roofing specialists to certified spray foam installers, we’ve got the contractors you need in Grand Rapids, MI! Reach out today at (800) 795 – 4029.

Commercial Roofing Services– Grand Rapids, MI

When you need commercial roofing services you can count on in the Grand Rapids, MI area, call on the team at Top Roof Contractors to get a company you can rely on working for you. At Top Roof Contractors, we are an association that works closely with professional contractors throughout the country and we help connect building owners with contractors to simplify the process for everyone involved! While we don’t offer roofing services ourselves, we do screen every contractor that is a member of our association to ensure they can provide building owners and managers in their community with only the finest workmanship and products around! For services in Michigan, call our team today to get connected with a trustworthy contractor in your area! Reach out at (800) 795 – 4029.

Full-Service Contractors

When you call Top Roof Contractors for assistance, the contractors we put you in touch with are dedicated to providing you the best. We work with full-service contractors nationwide that can handle all your commercial roofing needs with ease. Whether you need a complete roof replacement on your building or if your roof just needs a few simple repairs to continue performing properly, we’ll make sure you get a contractor you can trust!

Protect Your Asset

With such a major investment, it only makes sense to want to keep it protected. When you keep your roof in prime condition, it will be able to get the job done right season after season. This is ideal for your roof and your budget! All members of our association provide affordable, long-lasting solutions and services that will help you get a long, successful life from your roof. Work with someone who’s ready to help!

Call Today

If you have a commercial roof in need of services, it’s important to make sure you have a professional getting things handled appropriately and ideally, quickly. With Top Roof Contractors, you’ll get connected with a professional commercial roofing contractor in the Grand Rapids, MI area in no time so that any required commercial roofing services are taken care of right away. Call today for more information, (800) 795 – 4029.

Flat Roof Repair – Norfolk, VA

While a flat roof repair is something that should be handled quickly, it’s something you don’t need to stress about when you have a team of professionals ready to help. Don’t know of any local commercial roofing companies in the Norfolk, VA area? No problem! At Top Roof Contractors, we work closely with vetted and screened contractors to ensure building owners and managers can always have a reputable team to rely on for all their roofing needs. As an association that boasts excellence, we carefully choose the members that join us in providing only quality service. Whether it’s a flat roof repair that your building requires or a more comprehensive service like a roof replacement or installation, we’ve got knowledgeable contractors that are ready to help! Reach out today at (800) 795 – 4029 and we’ll make sure you always have the number you need!

Repairs You Can Trust

When you call on Top Roof Contractors, you can rest easy knowing any contractor that we put you in touch with will provide only quality repairs you can trust to last. Our contractors are committed to providing the best and they do extensive and ongoing research so they can always be confident in the products and services they are offering. Whether your current roof needs service or if you’re looking to have a new roof installed, we’re sure we can put you in touch with a contractor you’ll be impressed with!

We’re Here to Help

Top Roof Contractors is here to assist building owners and managers of all kinds! Have a new building you’re overseeing or need help with a building that seems like the roof is failing? Don’t stress! We’ll help you find a roofing company you can trust to get the job done right. We have contractors at the ready to handle anything your roof might need!

Trust the Experts

With such an important asset like your commercial roof, it’s important to ensure you have experts getting things done so it can have a chance to last as it was designed to. When you call Top Roof Contractors, we’ll make sure you get a company you can rely on for long-lasting services and repairs. From flat roof repair specialists to new roof installation teams, we’ve got contractors that are ready to work for you! For service in Norfolk, VA or the surrounding areas, give us a call at (800) 795 – 4029.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Grand Rapids, MI

Top Roof Contractors has been connecting building owners and managers with professional commercial roofing contractors for years and we look forward to helping you be worry free about your roofing system once again! When researching roofing contractors in the area, it can be tough to know you’re hiring dependable professionals. With Top Roof Contractors, you can rest easy knowing your roof will be in some of the finest hands around the Grand Rapids, MI area. Our contractors are screened and verified to ensure they are committed to providing the community with only high-quality services and products. When you need a roofing contractor you can count on, call Top Roof Contractors today to ensure you’re hiring quality! Give us a call at (800) 795 – 4029.

Quality You Can Trust

At Top Roof Contractors, we’re here to help ease your burdens. We know you have options when it comes to choosing a commercial roofing contractor, but we also know it can be exhausting doing the research on each one to ensure you’re hiring someone dedicated to delivering top notch service. The contractors that are a part of our group are as knowledgeable and professional as they come and any contractor you find through us will provide you and your roof with only trusted and reliable services and products. Why stress yourself with the hassle of finding a roofing contractor you can trust? Call on the team that can do it for you and give you one less thing to stress about! We’re always here to help!

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When you’re in need of a commercial roofing contractor you can rely on, Top Roof Contractors is ready to help you find a crew you can trust! We work with superior contractors throughout Grand Rapids, MI and we’re sure we can connect you with a contractor you’ll love working with! From simple repairs to complete replacements and everything in between, our contractors deliver quality services and solutions that will help your roof have a long life. Reach out today at (800) 795 – 4029.

Flat Roof Repair Grand Rapids, MI

Top Roof Contractors is here to assist new clients in Grand Rapids, MI. Our company is composed of a team of seasoned roofing experts who are knowledgable about all kinds of commercial roofs. We offer a full list of commercial roofing services. If your commercial building has a flat roof issue, reach out to us today at (800) 795-4029 to schedule a flat roof repair.

Flat Roof Restoration

Restoring commercial roofs is one of the things that we do best! Top Roof Contractors uses first class roof coatings to improve the condition of commercial flat roofs. This service can save you from having to deal with roof problems for many years to come. Plus, your flat roof will hold up for a lot longer, helping you avoid costly flat roof replacements.

Why Top Roof Contractors?

There are a lot of reasons to choose us over other commercial roofing companies. For starters, our craftsmen are dedicated to delivering exceptional roofing services, regardless of the magnitude of the project. Our customer service ensures that every project goes smoothly, and our prices match up well against other roofing companies in the area.

Thorough Roof Inspections

The first step to getting a fully repaired roof is finding the problem area(s). Here at Top Roof Contractors, we understand that thorough roof inspections are essential. We want to make sure that we have a full understanding of what’s going on with a roof before we begin a repair project.

After we have found the cause of your roof leak, it’s just a matter of repairing it. Our guys have had years of experience repairing, restoring, and replacing a variety of flat roof types. We’ll be by shortly after you call to make sure that your roof gets the help it needs before more damage can spread.

Call Us Today!

Top Roof Contractors is never satisfied with anything but complete client satisfaction. That’s why we work hard in all facets of the commercial roofing business, from communication with clients down to the actual craftsmanship. We’re simply the best option for those in Grand Rapids, MI. For an effective flat roof repair, give us a call today at (800) 795-4029.

Roof Inspection Grand Rapids, MI

Top Roof Contractors does it all for the people of Grand Rapids, MI. Before we can know the best way to help your roof, we must first inspect it thoroughly. From there, we can give you a free estimate on the project. Schedule a roof inspection from our experienced team today by reaching out to us today at (406) 961-2990.

Regular Roof Inspections

It is definitely a mistake to only schedule roof inspections when your roof is visibly leaking. You are much better off making these roof inspections an annual or semiannual routine. Regular roof inspections from Top Roof Contractors will lead to a much longer lasting roof. We’ll help prevent major problems from forming and will be able to keep on top of any necessary roof maintenance.

Roof Restoration

We often find that the best way to get more years out of a roof is to restore it at the appropriate time. Top Roof Contractors is a company that specializes in commercial roof restoration. We’re familiar with all types of commercial roofs. With a new roof coating, your roof will last much longer and you will likely pay less on energy bills for years to come!

Experienced Roofing Specialists

Top Roof Contractors brings a lot to the table. Our skilled roofers are some of the finest in the state of Michigan. With Top Roof Contractors, your roof will receive exactly what it needs, whether it be a quality repair, roof coating, etc.

One of the things that sets us apart from a lot of other companies out there is that every person on our team truly cares about the quality of their work. We don’t take shortcuts when we are working on a commercial roof. Instead, we are careful throughout the process in order to avoid any potentially costly and time-consuming mistakes.

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Extending the lifespan of commercial roofs is one of the things that the team at Top Roof Contractors does best. We offer a full list of services and are always looking to help new people in Grand Rapids, MI. To get a free roof inspection, give us a call today at (406) 961-2990.

Roof Coating Grand Rapids, MI

When is the last time your commercial roof got a roof coating? Top Roof Contractors offers this service and much more to people in Grand Rapids, MI. We opt to restore roofs whenever it is appropriate to do so because we have seen how effective it is. To learn more about our roof coatings, call our team today at (406) 961-2990.

A “Green” Roofing Solution

Many roofing companies fail to consider the impact that their roofing services have on the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. We feel that it is irresponsible to not take this into consideration. The team at Top Roof Contractors wants to help clients in every way possible. This includes lowering your building’s energy costs!

A roof coating can be considered a green roofing solution because it helps cut down on a building’s energy consumption. This is because a new roof coating will have the surface of your roof far more reflective. Furthermore, you’ll get many more years out of your existing roof. It’s a great way to cut down on the number of roof replacements your commercial building will need over the years.

Timely Roofing Services

With Top Roof Contractors, you can schedule a free roof inspection whenever you want. These regular roof inspections will make it so that our roofing specialists can keep up with any necessary maintenance. We’ll catch roof problems early which will mitigate or completely prevent any costly damage. With our guys on the job, your roof will receive the services it needs before it’s too late.

We’re proud to be a full service roofing company. Whether it’s a roof repair, roof coating, or roof replacement, our first class services are offered at great prices. We look forward to showing more people in Michigan why Top Roof Contractors is considered the top roofing company around!

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A roof coating is one of the better ways to save both time and money on your commercial roof. If you are in Grand Rapids, MI, Top Roof Contractors is the top option. We’ll effectively restore your roof soon after you reach out to us at (406) 961-2990. Of course, we can also help with roof repairs, roof replacements, and much more!

Rubber Roof Repair Grand Rapids, MI

The team at Top Roof Contractors is always looking for ways to help people save time and money on their commercial roofs. Our roofers hold several years of experience in the construction industry and are very familiar with rubber roofs. To get a rubber roof repair in Grand Rapids, MI, give us a call today at (800) 795-4029.

Roof Leak Detection

It is not always easy to find where a rubber roof is leaking. Once water gets beneath the surface of a roof, it can travel around before making its way into a building. This can make it difficult to figure out exactly what part of your roof is the source of the leak. Of course, the cause of the leak can also be quite obvious. No matter the circumstance, Top Roof Contractors will find all roof leaks and fully repair them.

Rubber Roof Experts

There are few kinds of commercial roofs that have been used on commercial buildings for several decades. Rubber roofs have withstood the test of time and are still being used to protect commercial buildings across the United States. We’ve seen our fair share of rubber roofs and are ready to take on any challenge.

If your rubber roof is leaking, you are always better off dealing with the problem as soon as possible. Time is not on your side, but the team at Top Roof Contractors is! We will find a time to come by shortly after you call so that we can inspect your roof, find the cause of the problem, and fully repair it.

Our Services

Aside from rubber roof repairs, we also provide roof restoration, roof replacements, and many other kinds of commercial roofing services. We help people with cost-effective roofing services and excellent customer support. With Top Roof Contractors on your side, you can expect to get many more years out of your rubber roof.

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Top Roof Contractors continues to show why it’s the top commercial roofing company for those in Grand Rapids, MI. Our experienced craftsmen will have your rubber roof as good as new again. Just give us a call at (800) 795-4029 to set up a rubber roof repair.

Flat Roof Replacement Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for commercial roofing experts in Grand Rapids, MI? You can always count on the seasoned roofing specialists at Top Roof Contractors. We work on all types of commercial flat roofs. If you think your flat roof needs replacing, reach out to us today at (406) 961-2990. We’ll give you a free quote on a flat roof replacement.

Flat Roof Restoration

Many people choose to (or are wrongly advised to) replace their commercial roof sooner than is necessary. Top Roof Contractors has many ways to get more years out of commercial roofs. We are often hired to fully restore flat roofs with roof coatings. A roof coating is lightweight and provides seamless protection, acting as a complete and long-lasting reinforcement.

Perfect Roof Installation

When your commercial building needs a new flat roof, there is no room for error. Hiring a company that specializes in commercial roofing like Top Roof Contractors will pay off. Our roofers will install your new flat roof free from any mistakes. Simply put, the roofs that we install last decades!

The roofers at Top Roof Contractors have been in this business for a long time. We’ve pretty much seen it all over the years and are very familiar with the many different types of commercial flat roofs out there. We never settle for less than total client satisfaction!

Roof Maintenance

A new roof is a valuable asset. You should protect this asset by scheduling roof inspections regularly to ensure that it stays in great condition. Top Roof Contractors provides roof maintenance and much more to people across the state of Michigan. We’ll have your commercial roof lasting significantly longer, giving you your full money’s worth and then some! With our company on the job, you will get personalized roofing services aimed towards optimal  results at great prices!

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When your building needs a new flat roof, you can’t go wrong with Top Roof Contractors. With excellent customer support, low prices, and phenomenal craftsmen, we have all that it takes to be a first rate commercial roofing company. For a quality flat roof replacement in Grand Rapids, MI, call us today at (406) 961-2990.